RSS Factory is a FREE Joomla Extension that helps you integrate RSS/Atom Feeds into your website.

You can use RSS Factory to add as many feeds as you like. The Extension was successfully tested with large sets of feeds. You can refresh the news by running a CRON job (see details in our CRON job documentation) or enable the Pseudo CRON feature in admin backend.

If you decide to choose the relevant topics, RSS Feeds are simple and clean ways to direct genuine traffic towards your site. You will be pleasantly surprised with the results. 

There are a lot of features in the free version, here are a few of them:

  • easy Install & Uninstall
  • Free Module
  • Users can submit Feeds, Administrators can approve them
  • RSS Categories – an easy way to categorize your feeds, and group them by specific topics
  • Session based tracking of already read news (Feeds will appear “unchecked” if they have already been read)
  • AdBanners & AdSense Integration
  • Customized output styles; all easy manageable through configuration
  • Automatic unpublish erroneous feeds
  • Refresh of feeds with CRON jobs
  • easy CSS customization
  • easy Search through Feeds
  • Several code optimizations and bug fixing
  • Automatic refresh of feeds though a pseudo-CRON process
  • Preview of Feeds in Category List (optional)
  • Date Format Customization
  • FAVICONS for feeds (pulled from the feedsite or custom uploaded)
  • Color customization of Overlay Output (Tooltip)
  • Font Size Customization for Overlib Output
  • Automatic Version Check – you can see if a new version is available
  • Improved Category management
  • Refresh of Feeds using AJAX (admin side only)
  • Automatic installation of module and mambot
  • New SEARCH mambot (allows you to search through feeds along with searching through content)

 Have a tour of the demo site and download RSS Factory for FREE now - to have your Feed Aggregator running in no-time